What students are saying...

 "Carolyn's stories were hilarious yet cautionary.  I am going to talk to my friend with a problem." - Student, Kentucky

 "She infused humor into a personal story ... captured my interest and affected my life in a positive way." - Alpha Delta Pi, Washington 

 "An inspiration ... incredible stories with humor, emotional values and consequences." - Student Athlete, APPLE 

 "A  personal story that hits close to home rather than just a lecture on the  facts.  Carolyn tells it with passion and enthusiasm." - Student Athlete, Wake Forest

 "I  really like how you didn't tell us not to drink - but you gave us some  really valuable information.  You didn't preach - just leveled with us.   Very, very effective.  Thank you so much." - Student, University of Virginia

What administrators are saying...

 "Carolyn  talked "to" them , not "at" them.  Our athletes related to her  stories.  Great, relevant information presented in a relaxed  environment." - SUNY, Brockport Athletics 

 "We heard so many positive comments from our students.  Her personal story - telling style really resonates with them." - Groucher College, First Year Experience & Athletics