What Carolyn Says...

Increasing Knowledge, Promoting Courage and Inspiring Others.

These are  the personal and professional goals of Carolyn Cornelison, Ph.D.   Utilizing her bubbly personality, personal life experiences, education,  and sense of humor, Carolyn creates programs that address relative and  real life topics.  Her award winning programs have been presented to  more than 1,000 college campuses and can be modified to accomodate the  needs of diverse audiences.  Among these are student athletes and  coaches, Greek Life members, community college students, peer mentors  and the faculty and staff who work with these populations.  Carolyn's  inspiring and life-changing presentations address revelent issues such  as: 

  • Personal Responsibility 
  • Positive Lifestyle Choices
  • Recognizing Alcohol Abuse 
  • Positive Peer Influence 

Carolyn has presented on college campuses nationwide.  No organization or campus community is too small or too large to experience the dynamic, entertaining and moving messages that Carolyn brings to life.
All programs can be modified to meet the needs of a particular audience.  Carolyn will be glad to work with you to make these programs suitable for your desired audience. 


Courage 2 Care (C2C):

Most college students make safe responsible decisions in their life and in their social situations.  However, we all observe and hear about those students who don't.  This program addresses the things students are most concerned about and  helps bridge the gap between knowing there is a problem, understanding the problem and having the courage to address the problem.  Carolyn's talk emphasizes the power of positive peer influence.  Students will learn how to recognize the warning signs of out-of-control drinking and ways to help friends who may be developing unhealthy drinking habits.  This is a powerful program that takes a realistic look at collegiate drinking.

Here's to Sister Carolyn, so Drink Chug-a-lug...

Drawing  on her personal experience as a sorority member, Carolyn shares  first-hand how important it is for members to look out for each other.   Fraternal groups by their very nature lend themselves to more protective  factors for members and ways to intervene. Sisters and Brothers have a  shared value system and a fraternal bond which assist them in reaching  out.  Carolyn knows first-hand how important it is to be connected and  how important it is to be positive role models for new members. 

Play Hard, Party Hard:

Athletes, coaches and administrators will have a winning season with this program.  A former student- athlete herself, Carolyn's Play Hard, Party Hard  program is tailor-made for athletic populations. Carolyn addresses how  the athletic environment of competitiveness can lead to extracurricular  competitiveness and alcohol abuse related issues. 

About Us

LIFE: Be In It:

Love,  Integrity, Forgiveness and Enthusuiasm.  These are the four components  of LIFE that Carolyn challenges the audience to address.  Perfect as a  keynote address for leadership groups, new student orientations or  convocations, this inspiring and entertaining program looks at the need  for personal value systems and personal life philosophies. 

Healthy is a Healthy Does:

Carolyn  takes a holistic approach to living a well-rounded and balanced life.   This hands-on program focuses on the need to take care of ourselves.   Utilizing exercises and interaction, participants will learn how to live  more fully by effectively using leisure time, stress management  techniques, spiritual exploration and other wellness concepts. 

Leadership: You Make the Call:

What  does it take to be a great leader?  Carolyn knows and in this program she addresses the key traits that all great leaders need to possess. Presented in a unique fashion, the fifteen key traits are compared to skills of a referee. Ideal for student