Who is Carolyn Cornelison?

When it Matters Most

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Knowledgable.  Thoughtful.  Humorous. 
Caring.  Sensitive.  Dynamic.  Inspirational.  Energetic.  Courageous

Carolyn Cornelison, affectionately known as "CC" credits her speaking start to elementary school.  Yes, it all started with report cards sent home with 'N's- needs improvement in conduct for talking too much.  She did however complete school .... all of it.  A Bachelor and Master degree in Recreation along with a PhD in Physical Education gives her the title - "Dr. of Leisure".  CC has a real love for University Life and the Student Experience.  As an Alcohol Educator and Instructor at Florida State University she found her calling that included a way to teach students by telling personal stories.  Her sense of humor and her passion for inspiring others is what makes her one of the most respected and requested speakers today. 

Educator.  Motivator.  Friend.  Sorority Sister.  Leader.  Role Model.  Mentor.   Teammate.

CC is an educator first ...

After positions in Campus Recreation and Student Activities, Carolyn attended Florida State aspiring to one day be a Vice President of Student Affairs.  She has always been devoted to University Life and the Student Experience.  While pursuing her PhD, she was offered a chance to be the Director of the Campus Alcohol and Drug Information Center.  In that role, Carolyn was able to educate and influence students about an issue she was very committed to  --- Alcohol abuse prevention and intervention.  Under her direction, the campus program and her peer educators were recognized as one of the nation's best.  Carolyn also was recognized as an Outstanding Advisor.

Upon graduation, Carolyn was hired by the BACCHUS Peer Education Network as Director of Special Projects.  She served BACCHUS for eight years as a national staff member and authored many educational resources and articles, helped create awareness campaigns and worked with the education of Peer Educators.

Carolyn enjoys talking directly to students about their friendships and what goes on in their "leisure".  As someone who partied too much and many times to the point of serious risks, she talks very honestly about the situations and consequences of what happened.  Carolyn believes, with education and courage, students can and will find ways to help their friends when they need it.

Today, through telling her own story, she educates others about the risks of drinking, discusses safer ways to party and honestly tells how to get help when friends, teammates or family need it.

Students appreciate her honesty, respect her knowledge and listen intently.  Students repeatedly say they learn something new and have plans to speak up and act when their friends need help.
Credentials -     
Ph.D. - Florida State University Who's Who - Seminole Leadership Award - Outstanding BACCHUS Advisor

M. S. - University Southern Mississippi Who's Who - Student Representative,  Natl Intramural Recreational Sports Association -Campus Recreational Sports Certification

BS - Georgia State University  Who's Who - Vice President- Delta Zeta
Student Athlete- Softball - GSU Outstanding Junior Leadership Award
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