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Carolyn E. Cornelison, Ph.D.
Atlanta, GA

When it Matters Most


                                                                                                                                         Carolyn E. Cornelison, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                                                                          Educational Speaker / Consultant

One of the nation's most important college alcohol programs...


Courage To Care

When It Matters Most
Students already know who has the problem and who is in real danger. 
But those with problems are the last to know.  So, how do we help them? 
Somebody has to speak up.

Do your students have the Courage to Care?

Carolyn Cornelison vividly remembers the day she called a college friend with the sad news of a drunk-driving crash involving a fellow sorority sister,"oh,Carolyn," came the reply,"We always thought it would be you."  Carolyn was speechless.  She now realized that during her college days, her friends knew she had a drinking and driving problem.  But no one had ever confronted her about it.

Why didn't anyone - especially her friends - say something?

While in college, Carolyn was a student leader both in her sorority and on the athletic field.  As a speaker, she uses an engaging storytelling style to gain the trust and attention of her student audience.  She talks about the problems of irresponsible drinking, ways that students can be safer themselves and how they can help their friends.

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